June 30 - July 28
6:00p.m. - $1 Dinner

7:00p.m. - Intergenerational Worship & Drama

7:30-8:30p.m. - Classes for All Ages

Crafting Leather

led by various leaders

This is a hands-on, do-it-yourself workshop in which you

will take home something each week that you made.

The projects will vary from week to week. During the

course of five nights, we will be making wood crafts,

yarn crafts, and even a healthy salad!

Note: Adults only, limited to 30 people.

Faith Development Programs

led by Pastor John

In this class, subtitled “Models of Faith in a Complex

World,” Pastor John will explore the lives of Christian men and women who have inspired and shaped him. From Augustine of Hippo in the 4th century to Nelson Mandela in the 20th century, we will explore stories of Christians whose faith helped them navigate difficult questions in complicated times.


facilitated by Pastor Bonny

After the funeral, when the cards and flowers have stopped,

most of the people around you return to their normal lives.

But your grief continues, and you feel alone. If you have

experienced grief from the loss of a family member or close

friend, we hope this group will be an “oasis” on your long

journey through grief, and a safe place to share with others.


facilitated by Denise Tamminga

Each week this class will include a panel of married couples who will lead us in honest discussion about marriage. Topics will include love styles, handling high stress seasons, understanding the impact of your childhood on your marriage, communication and conflict resolution,

and how to build a strong spiritual foundation.

Holding Plant

led by Pastor Fernando

El matrimonio es maravilloso, complicado, realizador,

estresante, excitante y cien cosas más... y a veces todo a la vez. Hay momentos de felicidad intensa, así como momentos de terrible frustración. La idea de “Crecer Jun-

tos”, es para explorar cómo renovar nuestro matrimonio, en si, es entender por qué mi pareja se comporta así, y

como podemos mejorar en nuestra relación.

Thinking Man on Couch

led by Jeff Schwieger, Psychologist

This class is designed for anyone who is personally struggling with depression or anxiety and for anyone who has a friend or family member dealing with either of these

issues. Jeff will share his personal experience with depression and anxiety, help us understand the nature of depression and anxiety, and help us discover responses,

tools and resources that are helpful and not so helpful in

dealing with depression and anxiety.

Teenagers in Nature

Our 7th and 8th graders will also dive in to the “Rebuild :

Revive : Renew” theme, as they explore the temple as the

place where God meets humankind, where heaven and


earth are joined together. The lessons will focus on the Gar-

den of Eden, Noah and the Ark, the rebuilding of the OT


Temple, Jesus as the new temple, and the New Jerusalem.

Diversity Students

Our high school students (9th-12th) will also dive in to the

“Rebuild : Revive : Renew” theme, but at a deeper level.

They will explore God’s relentless determination to create a


place where God will commune with people — from a gar-

den to a temple to God’s Son to the new Heaven and Earth.


In the end, we will live in God’s presence for eternity.

SFN Logo.png

Children love Summer Family Nights! This year our theme is

“Rebuild : Revive : Renew.” We will explore the good news

of God’s big plan to rebuild this broken world and restore us

to life in God’s presence.

Week 1: Planting the Garden

Week 2: Building the Ark

Weeks 3-4: Rebuilding the Temple

Week 5: The City of God

Children who attend will receive a free SFN t-shirt!